6 Tips for Men Buying underwear for the Wife or Girlfriend

6 Tips for Men Buying underwear for the Wife or Girlfriend

We all know that buying underwear for another person is tricky. And, for males whom purchase underwear for females, it’s specially intimidating. Purchasing the wrong size may be problematic and hardly ever contributes to sex that is hot. ??

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Since males try not to will often have experience that is much women’s clothes and sizing, this really is particularly written for males who would like to purchase underwear because of their spouses, girlfriends, or fan. Men tell me that women’s sizing and clothing is are confusing for them. (we hear, ya! It’s confusing for all of us, too. Typically, once we have a brand new consumer at our boutique, we tell our clients they could be anywhere from size 1x to 6x no real matter what size they’ve been.)

Quite often, whenever males arrive at our boutique they would like to show us photos of these girls on the mobile phones, but unfortunately, we can’t tell much about her size by a cellular phone photo. The following is some information as you are able to arm you to ultimately go shopping at our boutique and our online shop.

Day 6 Tips For Men Buying Lingerie this Valentine’s

1. Focus on the colors she wants to wear. Check her wardrobe or focus on that which you see her wear to work or away for fun times with you. Are there any colors you understand she hates? There was most most likely a style inside her wardrobe. Does she like neutrals? Does she wear yellows or oranges? Do you realy see her putting on large amount of reds or purples? Spend a little bit of attention which means you know very well what never to to get. I am certain there are many colors she hates plus some colors she really really loves. Continue reading